ImgCreator AI - Generate Images Easily

ImgCreator AI - Generate Images Easily


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ImgCreator is an innovative AI image-generation tool that transforms text descriptions into captivating images. Whether you're looking to create illustrations, anime, or concept designs, ImgCreator offers a seamless and creative solution.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Image Generation: Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to convert text descriptions into visually stunning images.

  • Editing Capabilities: Edit and update existing images by erasing parts and providing new text descriptions.

  • Resolution Options: Free version offers images at 512x512 pixels, while subscription users enjoy 1024x1024 pixels for high-quality output.

  • Commercial Usage Rights: Users have full rights to commercialize the images they create, subject to terms of service compliance.

  • Variety of Applications: Ideal for creating photorealistic stock photos, illustrations, anime, and concept designs.


  • Innovative AI technology for effortless image generation.

  • Editing features for refining and updating images.

  • High-resolution output for premium subscribers.

  • Commercial usage rights empower users to monetize their creations.

  • Versatile applications across various creative domains.


  • Limited free images initially, additional images require purchase or subscription.

  • Higher-resolution images may not be suitable for all purposes, custom requests may be needed.


  1. How does ImgCreator generate images from text descriptions?

    • ImgCreator employs AI algorithms to interpret text descriptions and transform them into visual images, ranging from photorealistic to imaginative designs.
  2. Can I use ImgCreator to create illustrations for commercial purposes?

    • Yes, ImgCreator grants users full rights to commercialize the images they create, making it suitable for various commercial applications such as illustrations for promotional materials.
  3. Are there any limitations on the usage of images created by ImgCreator?

    • Users must adhere to the rules and terms of service outlined by ImgCreator when using and commercializing the images created using the platform.
  4. How can I gain access to higher-resolution images on ImgCreator?

    • Subscribing to ImgCreator unlocks higher resolution options for images, catering to users with specific printing or high-quality image needs.
  5. Can I edit existing images using ImgCreator?

    • Yes, ImgCreator allows users to edit and update existing images by erasing parts and providing new text descriptions for regenerated image content.
  6. What types of images can ImgCreator generate?

    • ImgCreator can generate a wide range of images, including photorealistic stock photos, illustrations, anime, concept designs, and more, based on user-provided text descriptions.
  7. How can I earn more credits or free images on ImgCreator?

    • Users can earn more credits or free images on ImgCreator by subscribing to plans or inviting others to use the service, which rewards the inviter with additional free images.
  8. Can ImgCreator generate images suitable for printing?

    • Yes, ImgCreator offers resolution options suitable for printing, and users can also request higher-resolution images through custom requests for specific printing needs.

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