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Litero is an advanced AI co-writer tool created to transform your writing process. It is suitable for students working on essays and professional writers looking to increase their productivity. Litero provides robust AI-powered features that effortlessly improve your writing abilities.


  • AI-powered Writing Assistance: Real-time suggestions for sentence and paragraph completion to overcome writer's block and enhance writing speed.

  • Grammar and Plagiarism Checks: Integrated tools to ensure grammatical accuracy and originality of content.

  • ChatGPT Integration: Instant access to information and research assistance for enhanced productivity.

  • Al Outline Builder: Quick-start feature for structuring your writing projects efficiently.

  • Easy Citation Formats: Simplified citation in MLA, APA, and other formats for academic and professional writing.


  • Speed Enhancement: AI-driven suggestions speed up writing without compromising quality.

  • Quality Improvement: Integrated grammar and plagiarism checks ensure error-free and original content.

  • Writer's Block Solutions: AI-generated suggestions help overcome creative blocks and maintain flow.

  • ChatGPT-Powered Research: Streamlined access to information enhances research productivity.


  • Limited Community Hub: The absence of a community hub may limit collaborative opportunities among users.

  • API Availability: While API access is available, its full potential for customization may require technical expertise.

Pricing of Litero

Litero pricing cards for a purchase of $ 20


What makes Litero different from traditional writing tools?

  • Litero stands out with its AI-powered writing assistance, real-time suggestions, integrated grammar and plagiarism checks, and ChatGPT integration for research. These features collectively enhance writing speed, quality, and productivity.

Can Litero help with academic writing and citations?

  • Absolutely! Litero offers easy citation in MLA, APA, and other formats, making it ideal for students and researchers who need accurate citation tools.

How does Litero assist with overcoming writer's block?

  • Litero provides AI-generated suggestions for continuing the text, effectively overcoming writer's block and maintaining a smooth writing flow.

Is Litero suitable for professional writers?

  • Yes, Litero caters to professional writers with its AI-driven quality improvements, grammar checks, and research assistance, making it a valuable tool for various writing needs.

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