LoopCV - Your Automated Job Search Partner

LoopCV - Your Automated Job Search Partner


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LoopCV is your ultimate partner in the job search journey, using AI-powered automation to save you time and boost your chances of getting interviews. It makes the process from CV upload to application submission easier and more effective, promising "3x more interviews" for users.

Key Features:

  • Auto Apply to Jobs: Seamlessly apply to relevant job postings daily, based on your specified preferences.

  • Personalized Emails to Recruiters: Reach out to recruiters with tailored messages, increasing your visibility and chances of getting noticed.

  • Analytics for Improvement: Access valuable metrics like email open rates and responses, empowering you to optimize your job search strategy.

  • Quick Setup: Set up automated job search loops in a few simple steps to align with your career goals effortlessly.

  • Advanced Job Filters: Customize your search with advanced filters, keyword targeting, and company exclusion options to target only the most suitable opportunities.


  • Saves time and effort with automated job applications and recruiter outreach.

  • Provides valuable insights through analytics for continuous improvement in your job search.

  • Easy setup process for creating personalized job search loops.

  • Offers advanced filters for targeted and efficient job applications.

  • Suitable for individual job seekers, universities, recruiters, and career advisors alike.


  • May require adjustment to ensure personalized messages to recruiters remain effective and authentic.

  • Dependency on AI automation may lead to occasional technical glitches that require troubleshooting.


Can LoopCV be used by both individual job seekers and organizations like universities or recruiters?

  • Yes, LoopCV caters to individual job seekers as well as institutions such as universities, recruiters, agencies, and career advisors, offering a versatile solution for automated job search processes.

How does LoopCV ensure the quality and relevance of job applications sent out automatically?

  • LoopCV uses advanced filters, keyword targeting, and company exclusion features to ensure that job applications are tailored to users' preferences, increasing the relevance and quality of applications.

Can users customize the automated messages sent to recruiters?

  • Yes, LoopCV allows users to personalize messages to recruiters, ensuring that outreach remains authentic and effective in grabbing the attention of decision-makers.

What type of analytics and metrics does LoopCV provide to users?

  • LoopCV offers real-time metrics such as email open rates, response rates, and application success rates, providing users with valuable insights to measure their job search performance and make improvements accordingly.

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