Play Your Favorite Android Games on PC with Google Play Games

Play Your Favorite Android Games on PC with Google Play Games


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Google has launched a new Android emulator for Windows called Google Play Games that allows you to play mobile games from Google Play on your PC. This early beta aims to provide a seamless experience by syncing your progress across devices while leveraging the power of your computer for higher-fidelity graphics and large-screen gameplay.

What is Google Play Games on a PC?

Google Play Games on PC is an officially supported emulator created by Google to allow Windows users to play Android games available on the Google Play Store. It syncs your Google account so you can pick up where you left off on your phone or tablet and continue playing on your computer.

The emulator runs the games on your PC using virtualization technology, providing better performance and visuals compared to playing natively on your mobile device. This allows you to experience your favorite mobile titles on a larger screen with keyboard and mouse controls.

How Does Google Play Games Work?

To use Google Play Games on your Windows PC, you first need to download the beta app from Google and install it. This will add Google Play Games to your start menu like any other Windows application.

When you first launch the app, you'll need to sign in with your Google account. This links your profile so the emulator can sync your game data and progress across devices.

Once signed in, you can browse and download games from the Google Play store directly within the emulator. Downloaded games will automatically install and you can launch them directly from the Google Play Games library.

The emulator runs the games in a virtual Android environment using your computer's resources. This provides better graphics, rendering, and overall performance compared to playing natively on a phone.

Progress, achievements, and other game data are synced through your Google account, allowing you to switch between playing on mobile or PC seamlessly.

What Games Work with Google Play Games?

The Google Play Games beta currently supports over 100 popular mobile games, including:

  • Genshin Impact

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Summoners War

  • Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • Temple Run 2

  • Asphalt 9: Legends

However, many top titles like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Wild Rift, and more are not yet available. Google plans to expand support for more games over time.

You can browse the full catalog of supported games by downloading the beta and checking the Google Play Games store within the emulator. Look for the "Play on PC" tag to identify compatible titles.

How to Join the Google Play Games Beta

Google Play Games on PC is currently in closed beta, but Google has been expanding availability to more regions over time.

To check if the beta is available in your area, go to the Google Play Games website. Select "Get it on Google Play" which will take you to the Play Store listing.

If it's unavailable in your region, you can join the waitlist on the site to be notified when the beta opens in your area.

Once available, click "Join beta" and you can install Google Play Games through the Play Store app like any other app.

Requirements to Run Google Play Games

To use the Google Play Games beta, your Windows PC needs to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10 or higher (Windows 11 recommended)

  • GPU that supports DirectX 12 or higher

  • A CPU with 4 or more physical cores

  • 8GB of RAM or higher

  • 20GB of available storage space

  • System virtualization enabled in BIOS

Virtualization has to be turned on in your BIOS/UEFI settings to allow the emulator to run properly. You'll need to reboot your PC and enter the BIOS to enable this feature.

Refer to your motherboard manual for instructions on how to enter BIOS and enable virtualization support. It may be labeled VT-x, AMD-V, SVM, or something similar depending on your manufacturer.

Downloading and Installing Games

Once set up, you can browse and download Android games directly within the Google Play Games app. Downloads and installations happen automatically, similar to Google Play on your phone.

However, in the current beta, you cannot change the install location. Games will download to:C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Google\Play Games

This folder will contain the userdata.img file, which is a 512GB virtual drive used by the emulator. Downloaded games are installed within this image.

So make sure you have plenty of free space on your C: drive, as Google Play downloads can quickly eat up gigabytes of storage.

Playing Mobile Games with a Keyboard and Mouse

One advantage of playing mobile games on PC is being able to use keyboard and mouse controls instead of touchscreen. However, most mobile titles are designed specifically for touch input.

Using a mouse and keyboard may feel awkward for certain games. For example, in MOBAs like Mobile Legends or Wild Rift, you'll have to click to move your character rather than point and click on the map.

First-person shooters usually translate better to a keyboard and mouse. Aiming and shooting with a mouse is more precise than touch input. Games like Free Fire MAX, Knives Out, and Call of Duty: Mobile will likely play better using your PC's controls.

However, without official keyboard/mouse support, the experience may still feel unintuitive in some games. The on-screen touch controls don't always map perfectly to keyboard or mouse buttons. You'll have to adapt to tapping keys or buttons rather than using familiar WASD movement.

Performance and Visual Improvements

The key benefit of playing mobile games on PC is the performance upgrade. Google Play Games renders the game visualization using your computer's graphics card and CPU.

This means higher resolution graphics, better rendering distance, improved textures, and smoother frame rates compared to playing natively on your phone.

Of course, the level of improvement depends on your PC hardware. Playing on an older laptop won't provide as dramatic a change as using a modern gaming desktop. But in general, the PC platform allows the game to flex more graphical muscle.

Games limited to 30fps on mobile can run at 60+ fps through emulation. Visual quality can be bumped up to 1440p or 4K resolution if your monitor supports it. Overall, games look and run significantly better compared to mobile.

Syncing Progress Across Devices

One of the standout features of Google Play Games is its ability to sync your progress and achievements across multiple devices.

When you play a game on your phone and then continue on PC, it will resume right where you left off. All your progress is tied to your Google account and carried over seamlessly within the Play Games ecosystem.

This makes it easy to play on mobile when traveling or away from your computer, then pick back up on PC at home. This unified cross-platform experience is a major advantage of Google's officially supported emulator.

The Future of Google Play Games on PC

Google Play Games on PC is still in early beta but shows promise as an ideal way to play mobile games on Windows. It provides great performance while synced with your Google account across devices.

However, the limited game library holds it back from fully competing with more established emulators. It will take time for Google to negotiate with developers to add support for top titles like PUBG and Call of Duty. Expanding the catalog will be crucial to attracting more gamers.

There are also some rough edges around install management and controls that create friction. But Google seems invested in this project and has the resources to smooth out issues as the beta progresses.

While serious mobile gamers may still prefer standalone emulators, for now, Google Play Games aims to become the definitive way to experience Android games on PC. If Google can deliver on that vision, it could become a game changer.

Try Google Play Games on a PC

Google Play Games offers an exciting official way to play mobile games on your Windows computer. If you want to try out the beta and experience your Google Play library on the big screen, here are some useful links:

Let us know in the comments if you've tried out Google Play Games on your PC! What games worked well with keyboard and mouse controls? How was the performance compared to playing on your phone? Share your experiences!